How to Flash LG Stock firmware with LG UP

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Using LG UP to Flash / Install Stock firmware for LG Phones;

LG’s New LG UP Software make it easy to recover/unbrick/upgrade/downgrade your LG Smart phones by flashing LG Stock Firmware.

What you need: [LG G3 for example]

  • LG USB Drivers Ver. 4.0
  • LGUP_8974_DLL_Ver_0_5.MSI [*MSM8974 Chip]
  • LGUP_Install_Ver_1_14_3.msi
  • Stock Firmware [LG UP supports kdz/tot/dz files]
  • *LGUP_8974_DLL is used for LG Phones based on MSM8974 Chip only.
  • Different model use different DLL files.

To flash Firmware with LG UP

Step 1, Install the USB Drivers

Step 2, Install the LG UP Software – LGUP_Install_Ver_1_14_3.msi

Step 3, Install the LG 8974 DLL — LGUP_8974_DLL_Ver_0_5.MSI

Step 4, Now connect your Phone to PC Via USB Cable and Run the LG UP Software

Wait until LG UP detect your Phone. If LG UP screen shows up, Go Step 5.

If LG UP can’t find your device, you need to put your phone into download mode manually by

Turn off your phone, press and hold “Volume Up” button and plug in the USB cable from your computer to the phone.>

Now run the LG UP, waiting for LG UP install necessary USB drivers for your Phone.

When LG UP screen shows up. Go Step 5

Step 5, From LG UP Screen, Process option, Select Upgrade

Click Bin File, Select the KDZ/TOT file you just download

And Then Click start.

Wait until the step shows 100% complete, unplug USB cable, and reboot your phone,






How to download LG firmware

Because LG has made some changes in its server settings, You can not use browser to download the firmware from above URl from LG server directly with Browser. Please check this guide on how to solve the blank page issue when trying to download LG firmwares.

To unbrick/Restore Your phone back to Stock, You need to download and install:

1) LG USB Drivers
2) LG Up Software
3) LG UP DLL file for your phone model

If you experience any issues with the firmware and LG UP tool, please contact us

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