LG phone software update Feb. 27, Feb. 28 2017

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In the U.S, LG UK495 and LG US550 users should recieved the latest software update.

The Eruopean LG V10 LG H960 recieved a new software update. Check below table to find out if the update is availalbe now for your  LG V10 model varitant.

LGH960A HUN HUNGARY HU/Hungary Europe 2017/2/28
LGK350Z GCC ASBT_3PIN AE/United Arab Emirates Mid. East/Africa 2017/2/28
LGK520D KAZ KAZAKHSTAN KZ/Kazakhstan Cis 2017/2/28
LGH960A NEU NEU/NORTHERN EUROPE NO/Norway Europe 2017/2/28
LGH960A CZE CZECHO CZ/Czech Republic Europe 2017/2/28
LGH960A NLD NLD NL/Netherlands Europe 2017/2/28
LGH960A PRT PORTUGAL PT/Portugal Europe 2017/2/28
LGH960A POL POLAND PL/Poland Europe 2017/2/28
LGH960A ROM ROMANIA RO/Romania Europe 2017/2/28
LGH960A DEU GERMANY DE/Germany Europe 2017/2/28
LGH960TR TUR TURKEY TR/Turkey Mid. East/Africa 2017/2/28
LGH960A ESP SPAIN ES/Spain Europe 2017/2/28
LGUK495 UCS US CELLULAR_TULSA_VARI US/United States North America 2017/2/28
LGUK495 UCL U.S. Cellular US/United States North America 2017/2/28
LGH960A HUX HUNGARY_AUTOSIMLOCK HU/Hungary Europe 2017/2/28
LGH960P TPO TELCEL_SIMLOCK MX/Mexico Mid/South America 2017/2/27
LGH960P TCL TELCEL MX/Mexico Mid/South America 2017/2/27

How to download LG firmware

Because LG has made some changes in its server settings, You can not use browser to download the firmware from above URl from LG server directly with Browser. Please check this guide on how to solve the blank page issue when trying to download LG firmwares.

To unbrick/Restore Your phone back to Stock, You need to download and install:

1) LG USB Drivers
2) LG Up Software
3) LG UP DLL file for your phone model

If you experience any issues with the firmware and LG UP tool, please contact us

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