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Latest FREE LG stock kdz firmware

LG F510S Stock KDZ firmware : F510S20b_00_0519.kdz

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This is the latest firmware for LG F510S (As of June 23,2016). F510S20b kdz, You can used to restore/unbrick your LG F510S model. Country: South Korea Suffix: SKT Model: LG F510S Software Verison: V20b F510S20b_00_0519.kdz LG K510S Stock KDZ firmware : F510S20b_00_0519.kdz

Turkey LG G3 D855TR Stock KDZ firmware V30b

in LG-G3 on - LG Stock Firmware

Country: Turkey Suffix: 6UR -16G Model: LG G3 D855 Software Verison: V30v Turkey LG G3 D855TR Stock KDZ firmware V30b You may need the LG UP Store and LG UP DLL for LG G3 D855 to flash the stock kdz firmware.

LG E420 Stock kdz firmware V10G

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Country: INDONESIA Suffix: IDN Model: LG E420 Software Verison: V10G Download LG E420 Stock KDZ firmware:

LG F400K Stock TOT firmware V10b

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LGF400 KG3 Kitkat V10b Model: LG F400k Version: V10b TOT: LGF400KAT-00-V10b-KT-KR-MAY-20-2014+0!FZcyFbQb!5MdAAQkx-67whL4oWGO59ETVJOH6q9TwHkNygyCtUYA This is the V10B (Android Kitkat) tot firmware for LG F400K. For those LG F400K users who want to flash the device back to V10B. LGF400K V30C/V30D is Android Marshmallow: LGF400K V20c is Android 5.0 L

LG G3 D855 Stock Firmware : LGD855AT V10g

in LG-G3 on - LG Stock Firmware

This is the LG G3 D855 Stock tot firmware V10g for those who want to down grade the firmware on LG G3 16GB model Download:!VFEwnZxb!XY4ri0Li3C9lD4wRhoZg0fqIRCFhFtx8rbXKmi8OzdU 32GB model Download:!lBd2RDSB!PvN1cgC9Q8DtpXn9t9gcjUos0qCco1qVpczi9Dhyw38 LGD855_20140526_LGFLASHv160.dll Download: [Download]

LG K430 Stock Firmware: K430TR10k

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Model:LGK430TR Buyer Suffix:ATURKU Buyer:TUR Country: Turkey Software Verison: V10K Download:

LG G Stylo H635 Stock KDZ Firmware: H63520a

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Here is the European LG G Stylo H635 Stock KDZ firmware. European LG G Stylo H635 users who have bricked their devices may using LG UP to unbrick the device and restore stock firmware using this H63520a Stock KDZ Firmware. Device: LG G Stylo Model:LG H635 Version:V20a Kdz Download:H63520a_00_1218.kdz

LG X147 Stock Firmware

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As request by one of our readers, We shared with you the Flash Tool, Stock Firmware and Upgrade Guide for the LG X147 phones. Follow the Upgrade guide to recover your LG X147. LGX147 ( L60) Software Upgrade Guide.pdf!ow4CmBJb!xhA8mbfqE-0SsZ49Dp_fGK__oYAYPahPsO35XUwMQ24 LG X147 Stock Firmware: BIN_LGX147-00-V10b-IND-XXX-AUG-11-2014+0.ziP!ppBnAJ7D!sHe3t8VmIj97nRus6sgFqf_gKJWQkEbIv8kuOCHlJxY LGX147 Flash Tool & USB Driver.rar!50B2DART!xoz7qzBsw51obV86euDRekj5-Qy6pgx_Kis3m2EhXnY