LG K9 LMX210RM (X210RM) Firmware – Argentina

LG has just released a new firmware update for the LG K9 LMX210RM (x210rm) sold in Argentina!

The Update enables the Wi-Fi Calling feature on LG K9 LMX210RM (X210rm) smartphone.

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LG K9 LMX210RM Software Update

What is changing?

– Wi-Fi Calling is available. You can now make calls via Wi-Fi.
– Phone usability and functionality has been further improved.

LG official also released the LG K9 LMX210RM Firmware and made it available for download from LG Server.


How to download LG K9 LMX210RM Firmware?

Just visit https://lg-firmware-rom.com/,  input your phone’s IMEI and click check to download the latest firmware for your LG K9 LMX210RM (x210rm) smartphone.

Below you can download some useful tools and Software: