LG Joy Y30 LG H221AR ( LGH221AR ) Firmware

Safe and fast download stock firmware for LG Joy Y30 LG H221AR ( LGH221AR ) for CLARO ARGENTINA from LG official website.

The LG Joy Y30 LG H221AR (LGH221AR) from CLARO ARGENTINA received its last update on 2016-03-16.

The firmware Update software version is H221AR10a and its based on Android KitKat OS.

Download LG Joy Y30 LG H221AR ( LGH221AR ) Firmware





Software Version:H221AR10A_03

OS Version:KK

File Name:H221AR10a_03_0222.kdz

KDZ File size:905485354


Can not download the kdz file from above URL with a browser? PLEASE download and install XDM download manager first. Just copy above URL and start a new Download JOB in XDM download manager to save the kdz firmware onto your computer.

Useful Tools & software & USB Drivers for LG Joy Y30 LG H221AR ( LGH221AR )

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