LG G2 VS980W (LGVS980W) Firmware VS9803AA_01.kdz

Here you can download the LG G2 VS980W (LGVS980W) Firmware from LG official website. The last update for the LG G2 VS980W was released on November 15, 2015. LG official will not provide any firmware update for this LG G2 VS980 from Verizon Wireless. Download LG G2 VS980W (LGVS980W) Firmware IMEI:3538520611xxxxx Model:LGVS980 Suffix:AVRZOP Buyer:VRZ Software Version:VS9803AA_01 OS Version:L … Read moreLG G2 VS980W (LGVS980W) Firmware VS9803AA_01.kdz