LG G2 mini LTE D620 Stock firmware – VDI – Italy

Here you can download the latest stock kdz firmware for the LG G2 mini LTE D620 from Vodafone Italy.

Download LG G2 mini LTE D620 Stock firmware – VDI – Italy





Software Version:D62020E_00

OS Version:L

File Name:D62020e_00.kdz

KDZ File size:1190165132


Can not download the kdz file from above URL with a browser? PLEASE download and install XDM download manager first. Just copy above URL and start a new Download JOB in XDM download manager to save the kdz firmware onto your computer.

You can unbrick/restore a soft bricked LG G2 MINI D620 back to stock by flashing D62020e_00.kdz with LG Flash Tool 1.8.



Download Setup_LGFlashTool_1.8.1.1023.zip, and unzip it, double click the Setup_LGFlashTool_1.8.1.1023.exe to install LG Flash Tool 1.8




Download LGD620_20140305_LGFLASHv160.zip and unzip it, you will see the LGD620_20140305_LGFLASHv160.dll. DLL for LG D620

Soft brick means you can still boot your LG G2 mini LTE into download mode.

if you can not get it into download mode, your LG G2 mini is hard bricked, then you will need BoardDiag2014 to fix it.

LG will not release any security update for the LG G2 mini LTE D620, So PLEASE be careful to protect your privacy.




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