LG Band Play LTE LG F570S (LGF570S) Firmware – SKT – South Korea

Safe and fast download LG F570S (LGF570S) Firmware from LG official.

The model name for the LG Band Play is LG F570S (LGF570S), It was launched in South Korea through SKT.

The LG Band Play LTE LG F570S (LGF570S)  received its last firmware update which is based on Android M on 2016-05-03.

LG Band Play LTE LG F570S (LGF570S) Firmware





Software Version:F570S20A_00

OS Version:M

File Name:F570S20A_00_0418.kdz

KDZ File size:1264658139


The F570S20A_00_0418.kdz is used for LG F570S from SKT only, If you need to download the firmware for other LGF570 models, Please visit https://lg-firmware-rom.com, input your phone’s IMEI and click check to download the latest firmware for your phone.

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