Unbrick LG X power LS755 with Stock Firmware LS755ZV5

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LG X power LS755 Unbrick Service Package:

The package includes LG LS755 stock firmware LS755ZV5, LG USB drivers, LG UP Dev and LG UP DLL for LG LS755

Size:1.45 GB
Verison: ZV5
Download: [Hidden] Click purchase button to get the download url

This is the LG LS755 stock firmware build LS755ZV5.

It can be used to unbrick/restore your LG LS755 back to Stock.This firmware works on a bricked LG LS755 with ZV5 firmware.

To unbrick your LG LS755

You need to install latest LG USB drivers, LG UP software and LG UP DLL

How to unbrick LG LS755

Step 1; Install latest LG USB drivers

Step 2, Install the LG UP Dev Software

Step 3, Install the patch file for LG UP Dev

Step 4, Download the LS755 firmware

Step 5, Download LG LS755 Dll

Now you have everything ready.

Put your phone into download mode, and then run the LG UP

From LG UP start up (Model list)screen – as shown in above screen, click select and choose the LS755 dll File you just downloaded

From LG UP main screen, select the “Upgrade” Process and choose the firmware you just download, click ok to start the unbrick process.