Unbrick LG TP450 with LG UP; LG TP450 DLL for LG UP.

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LG TP450 DLL for LG UP, LG UP DLL for LG TP450


If you do not have the latest kdz firmware for LG TP450, Please send your phone IMEI to [email protected] and let us send you correct firmware first.

PLEASE do not try to downgrade the OS.

Click purchase button above to get the LG UP DLL for LG UP.  After purchase, You will be able to download a lg-tp450-dll.txt file which includes the FULL download URL for LGUP_TP450(New).msi.

If you experience any issues, please contact: [email protected]


To unbrick/restore your LG TP450 back to stock with LG UP;

You need to install latest LG USB drivers, LG UP software and LG UP DLL for LG TP450;

How to unbrick/restore LG TP450 back to stock with LG UP

LG USB drivers:

LG UP software

LG TP450 firmware tp45010c

  • http://csmgdl.lgmobile.com/dn/downloader.dev?fileKey=FW4BQ06C72VCAOOD80D5OA7/TP45010c_00_0821.kdz
  • TP45010c_00_0821.kdz

LG UP DLL for TP450