T-mobile LG K20 Plus TP260 unbrick service package – LG UP DLL for TP260 and LG K20 PLUS TP260 stock kdz firmware

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T-mobile LG K20 PLUS unbrick service package include:

1) LG UP DLL file for T-mobile LG K20 Plus LG-TP260
This is the LG UP DLL file for T-mobile LG K20 Plus LG-TP260
*You need to install the LG UP DLL for LG LG-TP260 model, if you want to use LG UP to flash firmware to upgrade / down grade / restore / unbrick your LG LG-TP260
2) LG K20 Plus TP260 stock kdz firmware TP26010K.KDZ

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After purchase, Please contact us by email and we will work together with you to unbrick your LG K20 PLUS TP260 on teamviewer.

To unbrick/restore your LG K20 Plus LG-TP260 back to stock;

Download and install LG UP Store
Download and install LG USB drivers
Download and install LG UP DLL for LG K20 Plus LG-TP260 [LGUP_TP260.MSI]

and the Stock kdz/tot firmware for your LG V522 Model


LG UP Store Ver. 1.14:
Download: https://mega.nz/#!x9YTHITI!kg4_zZLubILUywZKri5HgWDlUUUsP_z8OcOmNw6oEos


LG USB drivers:
Download: http://tool.lime.gdms.lge.com/dn/downloader.dev?fileKey=UW00520120427