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*ATTENTION: if your phone’s current firmware is LS770ZV8, Do not BUY THIS! Please do not try to down grade from ZV8 to ZV7, some users already hardbricked their LS770.

LG LS770 Stock firmware LS770ZV8 Is avialalbe here.

Down grade the OS MAY Cause the Qualcomm 9008 hard brick.

Unbrick LG G Stylo LS770 with Stock TOT firmware, Andorid 6.0, LS770ZV7, LS770 Stock firmware

*Special OFFER, only $10

File Name:LS770ZV7.zip
OS:Android 6.0
Software Verison: LS770ZV7

*Please Notes that We are offering service to unbrick LG Phones.
*The “stock” firmware is build from a working LG Stylo LS770.
*It takes us more than 5 hours to build such a ‘stock” recovery tot firmware.
*Please respect our hard work and Please do not share the firmware.

To unbrick your LG LS770, You need:

LG UP For Store

LG USB Drivers for LS770

LG LS770 DLL file for LG UP

LG LS770 Stock firmware: LS770ZV7

Using LG UP for Store




Using LG Flash Tool



Notes: You should not flash zv5 firmware onto a ZV7 phone.

Install LGUP_CY_DLL_Ver_0_1_2_7.msi

InstaLL LG UP Software

UNzip LS770ZV7.zip

Connect your Phone to PC via USB Cable

Put Your LG LS770 into Downoload mode.

Run the LG UP until it detect your Phone

From LG UP Screen, Choose the TOT file and select Refurbish or upgrade option, and then start to flash

If you experience any issues, PLEASE CONTACT US

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