LG UP Dll for LG T540– LG T540 DLL for LG UP

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LG UP Dll for LG T540– LG T540 DLL for LG UP

This is the LG UP DLL for LG T540, You need to install the LG T540 Dll before you can use LG UP to flash firmware onto your LG T540 model.
The DLL file is important for LG UP to detect your phone model number and software verison.

LG UP DLL for LG T540

Click purchase button above to get the text file which includes the full download url and password.

To unbrick LG T540 WITH LG UP, You need:

1) Install LG USB drivers

2) Install LG UP software

3) Download and install LG UP DLL for T540

4) Download the LG T540 KDZ firmware.

How to unbrick/restore LG T540 back to stock with LG UP.

Put your phone into download mode and then run the LG UP,

LG UP should find your phone,From LG UP Screen, click on the Upgrade process option

Click Bin File and Select the LG VS880 firmware that you have downloaded

Now simply click on the Start button to begin the flashing process. Wait for few minutes until the installing process completes.

Welcome back, Now, Your phone is back to Stock. If you experience issues, please let us know in the comments below.