LG UP DLL for D727, LG D727 Dll for LG UP

in on - LG Stock Firmware

This is the LG UP DLL for LG D727 model.


After purchase, You will be able to download a text file which includes the download url for the LG D727DLL file.

The DLL file must be installed before you can use LG UP to flash latest firmware onto LG VK815.

The DLL file is used to detect your phone model number and software version. If you experience uknown model number issue on LG UP when trying to flash firmware with LG UP, you will need to install this LG D727 DLL for LG UP;


LG UP Store software


LG USB drivers


LG D727 STOCK kdz firmware:

http://lg-firmware-rom.com/ input your phone IMEI and click download


use this url to get the latest kdz firmware for your phone:


remember to replace xxx with your phone’s IMEI.

If you do not have the latest LG D727 firmware, please contact us by email: lgkdz@hotmail.com

send us your phone IMEI and we will try to find out the latest firmware for your LG D727 Phone