LG Tribute 5 / LG MS330 Stock tot firmware MS33010e and LG MS330 Dll for LG UP, – Unbrick LG MS330 with LG UP

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MetroPCS Tribute 5 (LG MS330) Unbrick Service Package: Any issues please contact us by email: [email protected]

If you experience the “secure device,but unsecure image” issue, Please contact me by email: [email protected] .  It is because your phone is Qfused. The Qfuse (Anti-rollback) Version on firmware should be higher than that on your phone. We can fix/erase the Qfuse issue.


The package include LG MS330 Stock TOT firmware and LG UP Dll for LG MS330.


ro.build.date=Wed Dec 23 15:48:03 KST 2015


*Please Notes that We are offering service to unbrick LG Phones.
*The “stock” firmware is build from a working LG MS330
*It takes us more than 5 hours to build such a “stock” recovery tot firmware.
*Please respect our hard work and Please do not share the firmware.

To restore LG MS330 back to Stock:

You need to install:

LG UP Store Ver. 1.14:


Download  LG USB drivers:

Download and install LG UP
Download and install LG USB drivers
Download and install LG MS330 DLL for LG UP

Download and save LGMS330AT-02-V10e-310-160-DEC-23-2015-ARB00.tot onto your PC.

How to unbrick/restore your phone with LG UP:

Put your Phone into download mode

On LG UP Screen, Select refurbish or Upgrade,
Click BIN / File type, and select the KDZ or TOT firmware you just download. Click start.
Wait until the process shows 100%
You should have your device back to stockin 5or 8 min.

How to get into DOWNLOAD MODE:

1) Turn the device off
2) While holding the VOLUME +(UP) key plug in the device into the pc
3) A screen should pop up and press the VOLUME +(UP) key until you see DOWNLOAD MODE with the progress bar
4) Done

How to get into STOCK RECOVERY:

1) Turn the device off
2) While holding the phone on, press and hold VOLUME -(DOWN) at the same time
3) When you see the LG boot logo hurry up and let go of the VOLUME -(DOWN) and hold it again for a few sec (kinda tricky)
4) Then this will get you into recovery mode