LG LS770 Stock Firmware: LS770ZV9; LS770 DLL for LG UP; LS770 Unbrick service

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LG LS770 unbrick service package – LS770ZV9
Please do not use LS770ZV7 to restore your phone if your phone is already with the ZV8 or ZV9 firmware, Flashing ZV7 or ZV8 onto ZV9  may cause the Qualcomm 9008 hard brick.

Please Do not Try to unbrick LS770 by yourself.

After purchase please contact us, we will fix your phone remotely on teamviewer together.


The LG LS770ZV9 firmware is available now,, Click below purchase button to order our unbrick service package. After purchase, you will be able to download [LS770ZV9-GOOGLE.txt] which includes the full download url for LS770zv9 firmware and LG UP DLL for LS770.

If you experience the “secure device,but unsecure image” issue, Please contact us.  It is because your phone is Qfused, the Qfuse Version on firmware should be higher than that on your phone.

if you are flash zv8 to a device with ZV7, you need to uninstall the LG UP and DLL files completely from YOUR PC. and follow our guide carefully to install the patch files.

LS770ZV9 unbrick service package include:

LG LS770 DLL for LG UP



ro.build.date=Tue Apr 12 14:42:03 KST 2016


LG UP Store Ver. 1.14:
Download: https://mega.nz/#!x9YTHITI!kg4_zZLubILUywZKri5HgWDlUUUsP_z8OcOmNw6oEos


LG USB drivers:
Download: http://tool.lime.gdms.lge.com/dn/downloader.dev?fileKey=UW00520120427


To restore LG LS770ZV8 back to Stock:

Download and install LG UP
Download and install LG USB drivers
Download and install LG LS770 DLL for LG UP

Download and save LGLS770ZV8_06_secure.tot onto your PC.

How to unbrick/restore your phone with LG UP:

Put your Phone into download mode

On LG UP Screen, Select refurbish or Upgrade,
Click BIN / File type, and select the KDZ or TOT firmware you just download. Click start.
Wait until the process shows 100%
You should have your device back to stockin 5or 8 min.

how to get into DOWNLOAD MODE:

1) Turn the device off
2) While holding the VOLUME +(UP) key plug in the device into the pc
3) A screen should pop up and press the VOLUME +(UP) key until you see DOWNLOAD MODE with the progress bar
4) Done

how to get into STOCK RECOVERY:

1) Turn the device off
2) While holding the phone on, press and hold VOLUME -(DOWN) at the same time
3) When you see the LG boot logo hurry up and let go of the VOLUME -(DOWN) and hold it again for a few sec (kinda tricky)
4) Then this will get you into recovery mode