LG G Stylo H634 Stock TOT firmware V10g

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We are offering LG Stylo H634 unbrick service.

The TOT firmware was build from a working LG H634 model.
Please respect our hard work and Do not Share it for free.
******Important*******keep getting error at 9%, error code 0x2000???
To solve this 0X2000 issue:

Download: LG Flash tool 1.8


and this megalock.dll


Install the LG FLASH tool to c:\lg\flashtool. do not run it

Copy the above megalock.dll into c:\lg\flash\

run LG Flash tool

Follow this guide: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=64624324&postcount=2 to flash tot file.

*Please Notes that We are offering service to unbrick LG Phones.
*The “stock” firmware is build from a working LG Stylo H634.
*It takes us more than 5 hours to build such a ‘stock” recovery tot firmware.
*Please respect our hard work and Please do not share the firmware.


This package includes:

LGH634_20150622_LGFLASHv190Z.dll  [For LG FLASH TOOL 1.8 or above]
LGH634_DLL.msi [for LG UP 1.4]

Download LG UP:


To restore LG H634 back to Stock, The best and easy way is use LG UP.

You need to install:

LG UP Software
LG USB drivers

On LG UP Screen, Click BIN / File type, and select the TOT file you just download.
Click start.

Learn How to use LG UP to flash stock firmware here.

Here is how to get into STOCK RECOVERY:

1) Turn the device off
2) While holding the phone on, press and hold VOLUME -(DOWN) at the same time
3) When you see the LG boot logo hurry up and let go of the VOLUME -(DOWN) and hold it again for a few sec (kinda tricky)
4) Then this will get you into recovery mode

Here is how to get into DOWNLOAD MODE:

1) Turn the device off
2) While holding the VOLUME +(UP) key plug in the device into the pc
3) A screen should pop up and press the VOLUME +(UP) key until you see DOWNLOAD MODE with the progress bar
4) Done
NOTE: Pull out the battery once your done in DOWNLOAD MODE to get out of it and power the device like normal.