Brazil LG Q6 PLUS M700TV Stock kdz firmware V10J

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The Brazil version LG Q6 PLUS (aka M700TV) today received a new software Update.

The Update brings the LG Q6 PLUS M700TV’s software version to M700TV10j. LG also released the stock kdz firmware for the LG Q6 PLUS M700TV, Now you can download it from below URL

Download LG Q6 PLUS M700 Stock kdz firmware

Download: M700TV10j_00_OPEN_SCA_DS_OP_0828.kdz

If you want to check the latest firmware for the LG M700TV, You may contact us and use our paid service to GET latest firmware for your phone.

How to download LG firmware

Because LG has made some changes in its server settings, You can not use browser to download the firmware from above URl from LG server directly with Browser. Please check this guide on how to solve the blank page issue when trying to download LG firmwares.

To unbrick/Restore Your phone back to Stock, You need to download and install:

1) LG USB Drivers
2) LG Up Software
3) LG UP DLL file for your phone model

If you experience any issues with the firmware and LG UP tool, please contact us

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