Sprint LG Stylo 2 LG LS775 firmware LS775ZV3 – LGUP DLL for LS775 – Unbrick/restore LG LS775 back to stock

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Sprint LG Stylo 2 LG LS775 UNBRICK Service package:

1) LG LS775 firmware:LS775ZV3.kdz
2) LG UP Dll for LG LS775: LGUP_LS775.DLL
3) LG LS775 DLL for LG Flash tool: LGLS775_20160217_LGFLASHv215Z.dll

Click purchase button above to get the full download url and unzip password. If you experience any issues with the LG UP, please contact us.

How to Unbrick/restore LG LS775 back to stock with LG UP

Step 1; Install latest LG USB drivers

Step 2, Install the LG UP Software

Step 3, Download and install LG UP DLL for LS775

Step 4, Download LG UP DLL patch

***Notes, If the patched DLL file does not work, please use
***Rename the LGLS775_20160217_LGFLASHv215Z.dll to LGUP_LS775.DLL and then copy it to the folder
***C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\LS775
***overwrite the existing LGUP_LS775.DLL file.

Step 5, Download the LS775 firmware
Now put your phone into download moode and then run the LG UP software,
from LG UP main screen, choose upgrade process and click bin/file to select the LS775 firmware you just downloaded
click start to flash the firmware onto your phone.